Thursday, January 15, 2009

This week

This week has been pretty incredible in terms of exercise. I started a new job on monday (the hours have been pretty slack and ive been finishing around 1:30 :) So ive been going to the gym everyday, walking to and from work which is only 20 minutes each way but all up is 40 minutes so thats good, plus most days walking to and from the gym which is the same distance 20 minutes each way so 40 all up...
So monday just walked to work and back anddid wii fit for about an hour then matt and I went to the gym (he drove) for an hour.
Tuesday walked to and from work and then did wii fit for an hour when I got home, walked to the gym and worked out for an hour after dinner, so thats an hour twenty of walking and an hour at the gym.
Wednesday I walked to work, then to the gym, worked out for 40 minutes then realized that the body balance (yoga, pilates and tai chi) class that ive been wanting to go to but has been cancelled during the holidays was back on at 7:30pm, so I walked home, did an hour of wii fit, had dinner and walked back to the gym for the class and back home. Whoa that was a long exhausting day!
Thursday (today) I so far have walked to work and back, and thats it! Haha I feel a bit lazy now because I only checked into wii fit and didnt do any of the training, but I think yesterday kinda killed me a little and im really sore! We are going to the gym at 8:30 after matt has his dinner. So pretty average day but im just so tired. Tomorrow I have a later start at work so I dont have to get up at 6 and matt and I are doing a boxing class when I get home.
Other than tha this week has been pretty boring! But I have lost 1.5kg's on both wii fit and the scale at the gym, even though they both say I weigh completely different things - Im 1.5kg's less on both of them. Thats not in a week by the way, its in like 3 weeks - so its coming off very slow but at least im doing it healthy by working out and always eating when im hungry, but eating really healthy and drinking heaps of water.
So anyways I will post more soon, when I have more to report!

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